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Classroom Design Trends using Moderco Moveable Walls:


Light: Rooms should allow in as much light as possible. Bring the outdoors in. Install acoustic Moderco glass walls that face natural light. Allow natural light to flow into & through the environment. Provide an increased line of sight. Glass walls invite anyone passing by or visiting to see learning opportunities as they happen. Corridors created from acoustic glass walls with pass doors allow light to flood interior spaces on both interior and exterior exposures.


Linger Spaces: Create spaces which encourages students and faculty to come early and stay late? Create an immersive learning experience where learning isn’t just confined to the classroom. Moderco moveable walls can be quickly set up to create these spaces as needed and taken down thus providing alternate use.



Special spaces: New educational facilities are now multi-functional and designed for events other than learning. Moderco moveable walls can be quickly set up for teacher education, board meetings, PTA meetings, rentable space for outside community use, break out rooms, special needs, media rooms, designated learning, research areas, study rooms in libraries, etc. And then the Moderco walls can be quickly taken down returning the area to its original configuration. Schools became during Covid, places to go to get food, get vaccinated, host community and civic events. Moderco moveable walls will create these spaces.


Generally Managing Space better: Space is always at a premium. With Moderco moveable walls the occupants can quickly divide any space into a configuration that meets the moments requirements. You can maximize flexibility to meet present and future needs. A large open area may be a physical education area in the morning and a cafeteria at lunch time. Separate the area where food is being prepared from the area where students eat and then revert to other uses. Create a multi-use fluid learning environment that can be changed into the configuration that fits your needs.


Manage Sound: The majority of education facilities that use Moderco moveable walls are based on an open classroom basic design concept. The walls divide teaching areas. Acoustics are extremely important in such an environment.

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Health & Safety: Moveable walls literally create spaces where students & faculty can be separated thus reducing the transmission of any air borne virus. Special coverings (vinyl, fabric, carpet, hard surfaces) now have antimicrobials incorporated within them that protect against moulds and fungi. Contact Moderco regarding these special covering materials.


Collaborative areas: Moveable walls can be created as needed for special uses. A place where when needed, small groups of students can be sent for small group instruction. A student who is late for class could be sent to these areas rather than disrupt the rest of the class. A place where a misbehaving student could be sent (glass walls for monitoring purposes). A staging area where parents and students could go prior to meetings with teachers. Simply a space where a small group could meet privately. And then when all the special needs have concluded, the Moderco moveable walls could be stacked, and the entire space reopened to its maximum.


Functional Surfaces and Options: The standard coverings for moveable walls are vinyl, fabric, and “carpet”. Each has their own special characteristics and advantages which we would be happy to discuss and recommend based on your own needs. But you can also have on Moderco moveable walls full or partial height tackable surfaces, writing and projection surfaces, steel skins that will allow the use of magnets rather than stick pins, veneers, artwork, murals, wood, plastic laminate, uncovered, customers own material, single & double pass doors, windows etc. The options are endless. We can brighten up your classroom and make the walls more functional rather than just for division purposes. Call Moderco at 1.800.363.3150 so we can discuss.