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Moderco mourns the passing of Jim Dunn


The Operable Partition industry lost a giant recently with the passing of Jim Dunn. Jim never met a stranger be it client, co-worker or competitor. Jim valued people and it was evident in how he treated all he met and who knew him. Many of us here at Moderco knew Jim and would like to share our memories in honor to him.

From Michel Julien, Founder of Moderco Inc.

My Friend Jimmy,

I met Jimmy in the early 80’s through my licensing relationship with Hufcor. I confirm that Jimmy was the glue that bound all the licensees to Hufcor. Jimmy was a very human person and very friendly with everyone and I guarantee you all the licensees loved Jimmy like he was part is our family. My wife Gaby, who met Jimmy only a few times, remembers this super friendly and kind person.

Thank you, Jimmy, for all the good times we’ve shared over the years. Your memory is alive and will remain so forever.

To all those who knew Jimmy, Gaby and I would like to offer you our deepest sympathies.

Dave Parsons, Moderco Inc.

Sometime back in the early/mid 70’s under the Banyan Tree in the bar at the Constellation Hotel in Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Dunn for the first time. At the time he managed the Canadian market for Modernfold and was looking for his replacement as he had been promoted. Several hours later after many drinks, lots of laughs and good-natured banter I had the position and have, except for a few misguided years, been associated with the Op Wall business ever since – thanks to Jim. In hindsight what happened, where it happened and what I experienced was typical of Jim. Happy go lucky in a serious kind of way. Knowledgeable but not boring. Probative but not intrusive. Quick to act. Getting on with it was one of his mantras.

On December 7 Jim passed away. I and many others lost a good friend, and the Operable Wall Industry lost a giant. A true icon who will be missed.

His charm and personality was his strength. Very knowledgeable about operable walls when he had to be but successful because of who he was: you just had to like him. His throaty chuckle. Dominating the room, he was in. Short in stature that was compensated for by his confident swagger. His subtle giggles and grins. A unique sense of humor. Everybody he met was his friend. I can recall walking through the IAAM trade show floor, and everyone knew Jim and called out. He was everyone’s buddy.

Although we drifted apart over the years due to both of us retiring, every so often I would get a phone call usually associated with a few drinks in a Chicago bar we would remember & reminisce and promise to get together for some golf. We never did but that’s OK. I have lots of Jim Dunn memories to keep me going. Be well my friend.

“He Lived”

Barry Napier, Director of US Sales Moderco Inc.

The Operable Wall industry lost a legend and a friend recently with the passing of Jim Dunn. I first knew Jim as a competitor having met him at a trade show some 30 years ago. Ours is a very competitive industry and as a result interaction amongst competitors was not commonplace. I was young and defensive and as a result suspicious of this Jim Dunn guy, what was his angle? What did he want in speaking to me? In time I learned that Jim was just being Jim, honest open, friendly and genuine.

Over time we would see each other at various trade shows and always traded pleasantries and discussed the state of specific issues affecting our industry. I learned to respect Jim in short order always knowing he was a friend.

It was Jim who called me in 2005 to ask if I might be interested in joining the Hufcor team. I had just seen him at a trade show the week prior and decided to explore the opportunity. I joined the Hufcor team in late 2005 and worked with Jim until his retirement.

Jim was always a friend to me and many others. We enjoyed trading stories about people and circumstances in the partition industry. Like Dave Parsons mentioned I remember working a booth at the IAVM show with Jim, the walk into our booth across the show floor revealed just how many friends Jim had, saying hello to many and stopping to catch up. Jim was well known and genuinely liked everyone. The thing I admire most about Jim was his approach to people. Jim was always respectful of others; he was a living example of how people should treat others.

Rest in Peace Friend.

From the entire team at Moderco we want to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to Jim’s family, friends and all who knew him.