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Operable Partition Design Tool


There is a project  “design tool” circulating on the net these days called the “Designers Holy Triangle” It suggests that specifiers and consumers when it involves choosing a product have  3 options – Good, Fast & Cheap – of which you can select only 2 for a project. For example:

Good & Fast = Expensive. We will work overtime, do everything perfectly, postpone all other orders until yours is completed – but it will cost you!

Good & Cheap = Slow. We will do a great job at a discounted price but be patient because we can’t work on your project until we have time and nothing else to do.

Fast & Cheap = Inferior. We will be on time but do not expect a quality product.

All choices are bad but the last one is by far the least desirable.

Moderco does not subscribe to this theory nor should you as a specifier or consumer  have to choose any of the above scenarios if Moderco Partitions becomes your supplier of choice.

“Fast” should not be an issue at all. Every manufacturer especially one supplying materials to the construction industry must be able to tell their customer relatively accurate delivery times when an order is placed based on certain requirements. Because all Moderco Partitions are custom manufactured to fit into a specific opening we have to have accurate measurements as soon as possible. We have to know acoustical ratings desired so we can have correct materials on hand, panel covering types and colors especially if they are non- standard, stacking requirements etc. So as long as we have this information we will be able to provide an accurate on site delivery date. “Fast” becomes irrelevant simply because we will have the partition to you when it is required.

“Cheap” can have several meanings but in the context of what it will cost you to purchase a Moderco product it does not apply.  Neither system we manufacture is “cheap” in what they will cost you to purchase or “cheap” in how we manufacture them and from what materials. They are competitively priced with many varied options and features that will meet your budget. We take care in using the most modern equipment and manufacturing methods available resulting in a very cost effective production facility. We would not be able to maintain the customer loyalty base we have acquired over the past 35 years if we made a “cheap” product. And to be perfectly honest we are a profitable company and can only remain as such if we continue to grow resulting in profitable income in order to invest in the future. “Cheap” is not in our game plan.     

“Good” We do not manufacture any “Good” products: we manufacture “Quality” partition systems.  We manufacture 2 series of “partitions“ – Signature and 700 each of which are typically used in different applications. Signature is more commonly used in Hospitality applications, Major hotel chains, Convention Centers, Banquet Halls, applications where better acoustical division is a needed, where aesthetics are a major factor when making a choice. 700 is more competitively priced, robotically manufactured rather than hand assembled like Signature, uses different materials, used in educational applications, churches, offices, commercial buildings etc. Regardless both are “Quality” products.

So Moderco promises:

“Quality Products”, ”On Time Delivery” and “Competitively Priced” – all 3 at the same time. Not just 2.

Please call us at 1 800 363-3150 if we can be of assistance