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Operable Walls: Beyond Customer service


A product you can trust & will exceed your expectations. In addition and equally important we promise Exemplary Customer Service (ECS)

What is ECS?

After your partition is installed,  the operation & set-up including safety features and recommended safety measures will be demonstrated by a trained Moderco Distributor Partner. We will leave with you written operating instructions, copies of applicable warranty information and procedures, an estimate and description of a recommended maintenance program and contact information for the local distributor partner, installation company and Moderco.

We promise post order “seamless service”. Should you have service needs or even simple questions any time after installation, we promise a smooth process when addressing your needs. If there are several steps that must be taken to address your needs we will keep you in the loop by means of emails, text messages or phone calls. We will not forget you.

If you are having a less than satisfactory experience with Moderco or one of our Distributor Partners we will do all we can to restore confidence. We realize that promising everything and delivering nothing is the surest way to lose you as a customer. As a consequence we will strive to under promise and over perform.

We will listen, ask questions, pay attention, understand your needs, perform and follow up.

We will do our best to be resourceful. To think outside the box. To find a solution when one is not apparent.

Your concern will be assigned to a specific Moderco Customer Service Representative. You will be given his name, contact information, a reference number and an estimate of how long it will take to resolve your issue.

If you have any questions about Moderco or desire service in any form please call us at 1 800 – 363-3150.