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Partitions for Conference Rooms


Moderco Operable Partition used to its fullest capability will, if thought out and designed properly,  contribute to the next great idea. A Moderco Operable Partition can do much more than simply divide; it will bring ideas together.

Division: when determining the location of the Moderco Operable Partition(s) have a realistic figure of how many people attend conference meetings as compared to the maximum number that the room will accommodate. If the meeting room will seat 30 people and statistically the average meeting  will consist of 6 people then two operable partitions resulting in 3 rooms that seat 10 or 2 that seat 10 & 20 should be considered. The resulting rooms based on partition location should not be claustrophobic or overwhelming in size as both inhibit productive thought. All is possible with a Moderco Partition.  

Acoustics: A topic that should be discussed in person with your Moderco representative. “Soundproof” is impossible but much can be done in choosing the correct STC value, assuring that surrounding construction is adequate, the addition of sound absorbing materials both on the partitions and on the contiguous permanent walls, location of ductwork and doors etc., all of which contribute to the acoustical satisfaction of the occupants. Acoustic expectations are best discussed in person. Moderco would be pleased to work with you to achieve the best possible results in the field.

Appearance: Use materials that encourage & influence wellness and productivity. Select colors and textures that create a varied, inspiring and personalized work environment. Moderco has an extensive selection and palette of vertical rib wall coverings, various weight vinyl’s, fabrics, wood veneers, plastic laminates etc. to choose from. In addition we would be pleased to work with your interior design group to factory install a covering of your choice. Carry the finish and details of the permanent walls on to the operable partitions. Have any partition trim materials custom  powder coated , painted or anodized. Moderco will assist in the selection of materials, finish and colors that will help create the atmosphere that is positive and friendly.

Acoustic Seals: Select a system that has manually operated top and base seals. Panels are brought out individually and set in place accurately and acoustically sound. They seal against the floor and ceiling track soffit without the need to push panels together such as in an automatic base seal product. Use an expandable panel final closure rather than a hinged closure or something requiring the attachment of a device (such as a wall jamb) to a permanent wall. A further advantage of mechanical top and base seals is that just a few panels can be brought out and placed such that there is space between them. This would allow free flow of people from one created  room to another as well as providing some visual and physical separation.

Configuration. Moderco recommends the use of a single panel system. With assistance from  Moderco engineering associates, we will custom design a panel stacking system and location that minimizes wasted space: with a paired panel system stack space options are limited. We do not recommend the use of an electric partition system simply due to the potential problems that exist due to the excessive use of mechanical parts and possible loss of electricity. And if they do malfunction it most often requires the services of a specialist who may not be readily available. Stay manual!

Work surfaces: Various types of work surfaces are available. Surfaces to write on, visual display screens, materials to which you can attach items either by magnets (preferred)or pins. Let’s discuss your needs and we will customize your add-ons based on your anticipated needs.

Glass. Most conference rooms are located off a main corridor with two entrances, one at either end. Instead of a permanent wall consider a Moderco sound rated Crystal wall system. A clear glass wall system that allows those on both sides to continue to  feel part of the office environment rather than enclosed and secretive is rewarding to all. A clear glass wall system lets in light, is elegant and executive in appearance. And when privacy is required the electrically operated blind system built into the panels can be activated. If the room is not required for meetings the Crystal partition can be moved out of the way thus opening up the space. The conference room becomes a multi-purpose room. Consult Moderco for the best combination of operable partitions, Crystal partitions and permanent walls.


Call Moderco at 1 800 363-3150 so that we can arrange a visit to make your Moderco partition more than just a divider.