Reasons to consider Moderco Glass Wall Systems (Moveable or Demountable)


Even though the use of glass in Moveable Wall systems is relatively new as compared to “solid” acoustic systems, glass itself should not be regarded as a new material. Glass is simply experiencing a rebirth: a new awareness resulting from changing attitudes of the design community. The many innovations and product options brought about by technology breakthroughs is better able to accommodate today’s interior designers demands. What are some of the reasons that a Designer should consider using Moderco Glass Wall systems including Moderco Moveable Walls (CRYSTAL & VISION) or Demountable Partitions available from our sister company EXTANZA (


  • Statistically studies indicate that greater access to natural light improves productivity by as much as 20%. 47% say an absence of natural light makes them tired. Less than 60% of office workers are happy with the amount of natural light in their work areas.


  • In these days of remote working and the desire of many employers to have their associates return to an office environment, providing them with natural light at work becomes an incentive to return and a key component of productivity. Glass takes away the barriers of a closed in space. More glass simply means more light – and more light is always good.


  • Glass walls create open work environments yet still provide visual and acoustic separation. Interaction amongst associates is encouraged. Collaboration results. Natural light creates the illusion of bright and airy enhancing mood.


  • Designers create a design statement for their clients with the imaginative use of glass. Delineate space for the benefit of employers as well as associates.


  • Employers using glass partitioning systems create the unspoken message of concern for their associate’s welfare, openness and honesty. A more trustworthy environment. No closed doors with associates wondering what is going on.


  • Glass wall systems can quickly create feature areas such as meeting and conference rooms with the option of being able to see through or provide visual privacy. Confidential sanctuaries are created.


  • Glass is maintenance friendly. Easily cleaned. Resistant to viruses and accumulation of bacteria.


  • Many choices in appearance and effect. Glass reduces dark shadows. Can be used as artistic and focal features areas. Logos. Sandblasted. Screen printing. Digital printing. Custom etching. Varied colors and light. Contemporary aesthetics. Expansive views. See through or opaque or both with the flick of a switch. Internal blind systems. Privacy on demand is possible. Options for glass are virtually unlimited.


  • Energy bills will be reduced due to influx of natural light. Improved energy performance.


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