The Glasshouse – Manhattan NY

In 2020 Moderco was contacted by Alan Garry of Kossar and Garry Architects of NYC regarding their unique need for a 15’ tall acoustic glass wall system. Moderco and our specialty NYC distributor (Peter 

Sobel of Value Added Group) then together accomplished what “others” said was impossible. What happened is best described in Mr. Garry’s own words: “We called the others.  They said “no”.  We called Moderco.  They said “yes”.  They then developed and delivered on that commitment.

The Glasshouse is a 50,000 square foot Event Space located on the sixth floor of the Fed Ex building on the west side of Manhattan.

It is unique in its size, location and the amount of glass which surrounds the space on three sides.

In order to provide maximum flexibility of use of this very large space for varying clients, we needed a folding partition system to divide the space for different client functions.

The panels, both solid and glass, needed to match the 15 foot height of the space, and contain as much glass as possible.

'' The ability to manufacture an acoustic panel, 15 feet in height, with large glass inserts, was what effectively separated Moderco from all the other manufacturers.

As we developed the variety of panel configurations, the layouts began to generate a large number of odd width panels to meet the varying partition lengths.  We began to explore how we might reduce and organize a simpler system of panels.

Working with Moderco, Peter Sobel developed

1) a unique adjustable panel which expanded from 10 inches to 20 inches,

2) a freestanding corner element and

3) an single odd size panel of 32 inches in width. 


With these custom elements, plus the standard four foot width panels, we were able to generate any length of partition longer than six feet and accommodate any possible configuration of rooms or spaces.”


Alan Garry, RA, for

Kossar + Garry Architects LLP


Moderco and Value Added Group thank Mr. Garry for his confidence in us and for his and his clients complete satisfaction with Moderco’s Crystal Wall System. For specific details on the Crystal Wall System installed at The Glasshouse click here to view the Case Study.

If you have special and/or unique requirements please call Moderco at 1-800-363-3150.