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We have the fun part of this process installing what you create because it's always so nice hearing the customers saying... Wow....looks great.....nice job.....well done....we love it! While absorbing the compliments I stick my chest out, smile, and pat myself on the back and know another one is completed, then say that I can't take all the credit! I then begin to explain that it's made in a little town called Boucherville in Quebec Canada by the most fabulous people you'd ever want to meet! That explains the quality and attention to detail! People who love what they do and inspire by their hard work and encourage others to do the same! That seems to be the Moderco philosophy and mission statement!

Byrne Corbin

Just finished hoisting these panels through a 2nd floor window and installing them this morning and the first words issued forth out of the mouth of the Director to me as he shook my hand was..... "Congratulations"! I'm passing along this compliment to the entire Moderco team whose commitment to excellence is reflected in every panel you make! I'm sure that if any of you venture to Miami and find yourself on this island paradise,the residents there would be happy to show you their facility that freely functions & relies on your fine Signature Series Model 8600 product! Thanks again to all for your efforts in this another quality Moderco installation!

Byrne Corbin

Please receive our most sincere gratefulness in name of the board of directors of Construconsult C.A for the whole support that we received from Moderco for the execution of the project in the hotal Trinitarias Suites of Barquisimeto's city in Venezuela. I am pleased to report that the project was installed with complete normality and protection, in the times indicated and needed by the client in the contract. As we comment in our previous conversations, Im sending you 9 CD,S with the installation video of the great height panels, in order that they use it in the future in a more simple format, Im also sening the pictures of the lounge of the hotel Trinitarias Suites, in order that you can keep it in your records and could use it in the future if you need it. We are now in conversations with the Public Library of the Zulia State to accomplish a new project of partitions of considerable dimensions also as well we are in conversations with several companies of advertising to try to strengthen our presence in the Venezuelan market. With no more to add and hopping to have accomplished all your expectations and entire satisfaction with the responsibility Moderco INC. In Venezuela, I subscribe of you. Sincerely,

Oscar Montiel

Measuring up to our customer’s specific needs and expectations has been the heart of our philosophy for over 33 years in the folding wall and partition industry. Each project is as wide, unique, and diverse as our clients: the people that call South Florida and the Caribbean home. Having sold and installed other brands for many years it was obvious that Moderco had the quality, service and ingenuity to “win the race”.  So in 1999 when Moderco really began to expand its distribution network, we jumped at the opportunity to become part of Moderco family and Foldingwalls of Miami was born. We have been winning with Moderco ever since!  It has been a perfect fit for us and our customers, who have become accustomed to Moderco’s quality service and craftsmanship. Creating space with style and grace doesn’t work unless it’s a team effort.  This is one of the reasons why South Florida architects; interior designers and general contractors all rely on Moderco for our expertise, inspiration and guidance! Let us inspire you on your next project with our creative and innovative ideas to help you realize the space you’ve always imagined. Since 1999 we’ve managed to accumulate many superior installations with Moderco.  These installations serve as testimony to our dedication and service in this industry.  Thanks to Moderco’s commitment to their distributors and clients alike, it’s been an enjoyable ride for the last sixteen years and we look forward to many more!


Dear Mr. Julien: I very much appreciate the chance your visit gave me and my people to express our appreciation for the beauty and quality of workmanship of the sliding walls made by your company.  Since we moved into out new plant just over a year ago, one of the items everyone who visits our new facility comments on are the doors made by your firm.  Not only have they allowed us to maximize the use of our space, your doors have added color and soundproofing to our meeting rooms.  The ease with which they can be opened and closed and the solidness of the wall once the seals have been set are wonderful. Please pass on to the production people at Moderco our appreciation for their contribution to our building. Sincerely,

John McNown, Jr.