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Movable Glass Wall Systems: Enhancing Light, Flexibility & Aesthetics in Modern Spaces.

Unlocking the Potential of Full Height Movable & Demountable Walls

What is the meaning of Dynamic? “Active or changing. Not static.” In an organizational development application, being dynamic indicates that the working arrangements, in which the “working location” and the “working pattern” that occupants operate under, are flexible and open to change. This definition perfectly describes the options that school decision makers should consider when they consider using moveable or operable walls in their education project. Make the classroom dynamic and flexible. We know that an Operable/Moveable Walls primary purpose is to divide space visually and acoustically. The question then becomes: “What, other than dividing space, can moveable/operable wall systems do to assist in creating a dynamic (flexible) classroom layout?” Let us explore the “dynamism” of moveable/operable walls when used in a school classroom? Choosing the Best Operable Wall System/Configuration: Often a center stacked paired panel system is selected to divide classrooms. This system has limitations in that it can only be on the track on which it is installed: it goes back and forth with no alternative locations possible. However, if a single panel system is chosen and the system has additional track installed based on anticipated need and to which the panels can be relocated, then options such as creating study areas, student activity rooms, parent-teacher interview areas, teacher education areas, media centers, “safe” areas, locations for students requiring special attention etc. Choosing the correct wall system (single panels rather than paired panels) will permit alternative use of the moveable wall systems (panels) other than simple one location classroom division. Make your panels useful in alternate ways by choosing the best configuration. Natural Light Optimization: Integrating natural light, making classrooms more open and less confining emotionally and visually has been proven to enhance the learning experience and significantly impact the well-being and learning capabilities of all occupants. Using acoustic glass wall systems between classrooms, visual connectivity between spaces is achieved. Combine this with the many ways to limit when desired this visual option and glass systems are the perfect option to traditional solid partitions. Glass walls offer an increased line of sight allowing teachers to monitor several areas simultaneously increasing student safety and visual engagement. Glass Operable walls when positioned strategically will allow natural light into rooms where this option may not be available. Improve Functionality: Functionality as it pertains to classrooms, refers to the effectiveness of the classroom design and layout to fulfill its intended purpose such as how the design impacts teaching, learning and the overall well-being of all occupants. The classrooms must be flexible and quickly adaptable to changing needs, be comfortable physically & managed acoustically. Moveable/operable walls offer the ultimate in flexibility when designed with present day and future needs in mind. Moveable walls are available in many designs and finishes and capable of contributing to the desired environment. Acoustically operable wall systems are designed with acoustic control in mind and offer an acoustically isolated space thus providing better focus and understanding. 5 Additional Reasons how Moveable Walls can create a Dynamic Classroom.: · Operable walls provide Acoustic & Visual Privacy: Minimize the intrusion of unwanted noise from one side of the partition to the other. Operable partitions separate visually to avoid distractions during learning sessions. But moveable walls will retain the ability to open the space when needed. Adaptability and flexibility are at the heart of all moveable wall systems. Multi-functional spaces. Dedicated classrooms. Adaptable room sizes. Excessive noise levels cause distraction and increase stress. A quiet and comfortable space for learning is a prime requirement. · Promotes Collaborative Learning: Can control class sizes. Open the area or reduce when the number of students is less. · Operable walls are more durable when they are selected based on panel design combined with durable coverings. A durable system when selected will result in less concern about downtime or “breakage.” the selection of “durable” skins – preferably steel (rather than gypsum board or MDF) will eliminate most skin breakage issues. Choose a covering based on intended usage and location rather than aesthetic s. Heavy Duty vinyl’s wear much better than a delicate fabric. Select a protective edge panel (protects panels most vulnerable point – where the panels meet) rather than “fine line.” Will eliminate the need for frequent wall recovering. Avoid excessive overloading of the panels if the ability to attach materials is possible. · Easy to Maintain: With a limited amount of maintenance, in consultation with your supplier, moveable wall systems will last for years and if necessary are easy and inexpensive to repair and/or recover. Do not neglect regular maintenance, preferably with the assistance of your supplier. Teach designated associates as to how to relocate the panels. · Operable Walls will reinvigorate a bland setting: Moveable wall systems can be covered in almost any material including your own personal selection. A variety of if vinyl’s, carpets, and fabrics are available from your supplier. Plastic laminates, murals, wood venerers, uncovered, painted etc. Marker & tack boards. Chalkboards. Interactive surfaces. Projection screens. Anything. Dress up your facility. Bring it to life. Moveable/Operable Walls can be a dynamic tool for educational institutions other than simply dividing space that offer a wide range of benefits that assist in the way occupants learn and instruct. From increased flexibility and acoustic control to durability, considering the construction, design, and operation of the panel systems to maintenance and allowing in natural light moveable/operable wall systems will create a dynamic effective learning space

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