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Introducing Moderco’s New Product Name & Identification System


Moderco Partitions, a leading manufacturer of Operable Partitions systems (solid and glass) has launched a new product name and identification system. Jean Martin (JM) Roy, Vice President of Sales indicated that the reason for the revised names and numbering system was brought about by the need to be able to quickly identify a product by means of a name and number. “We determined that the design industry wanted two features:  system names that differentiated but identified an overall family of products and three-digit product identification numbers that described the system configuration”. As a result, Moderco has implemented the following name and numerical changes for its products.

JM explained the new names and numbers as follows. “In general all partition systems will have a name and three numbers: The first number will identify the “series”, the second the “panel thickness”, the third the “configuration”. This is the result”

SIGNATURE (no change in name): Moderco’s premiere operable wall system will remain as the “800 series.” All Signature panels are 4” thick (the second number” and the partition system is available in 4 separate configurations. The resulting numbers are: 841 (single panels), 842 (paired panels), 843-E (continuously hinged electric operation with conventional seals), 843 –EP (continuously hinged electric with pneumatic seals).

EXCEL: (a NEW name for a system formerly known simply as the 700 series). Excel provides all the aesthetic and acoustical benefits as SIGNATURE but is more competitively priced.  EXCEL panels are 3 & 4” thick. The resulting numbers are 741 (single panels), 742 (paired panels), 743-E (continuously hinged electric operation), 733-EG (continuously hinged electric operation most often used as a gymnasium divider)

CRYSTAL: (no change in name for Moderco’s acoustical glass partition system). CRYSTAL in the past did not have any numerical identification numbers and is now identified as the 200 series. CRYSTAL is a dual glass panel acoustic wall system that uses the premiere SIGNATURE framing components and acoustic seals resulting in a 4” thick panel. The resulting numbers are 240 (single panel, a single panel centered trolley that allows center stacking), 241 (single panels, conventional side stacking), 242 (paired panels).

VISION: (a new product with a new name and numbers). VISION is a non- acoustical glass partition system. VISION panels have a 2” nominal thickness. The resulting numbers are 121 (single panels) 122 (paired panels)

Stephane Julien, President of Moderco commented that the Moderco Board of Directors was fully supporIntrotive of these changes. “When JM and his sales associates presented the Moderco Board with these major change suggestions we were all fully supportive. I believe that making our ever expanding line of products easier to identify and therefore choose the correct one is mandatory for our success. We have to move forward, reluctantly leave some of the past behind and more importantly make it easier for our distributors and their customers. This is a very positive step for all concerned especially the design community.”

The Moderco web site is being revised to reflect these changes and new literature will also soon be available. “Our new numbering system aligns itself with accepted industry standards and methods” said JM. “All is in effect right now”.

Moderco Partitions is a major North American manufacturer of Operable Solid and Glass Partition systems and accordion doors. Moderco products are sold throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America by a fully trained network of installing distributors. For additional information you can contact Moderco at or 1-800 363-3150.