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Integrating Moderco Movable Walls into the Architecture and Design of a Building

In today’s rapidly changing world, buildings and spaces need to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate the changing needs of their occupants. One way to achieve this is by incorporating movable walls into the architecture and design of a building. Movable walls are an innovative solution that can transform a space, making it more functional, efficient, and attractive.

The integration of Moderco movable walls into the interior architecture and design of a building can be done in a variety of ways. For example, the moveable walls can be designed to blend into the contiguous construction elements (floor, ceiling fixed walls) as part of the original construction or subsequently added as a retrofit solution. As Moderco does not have or recommend floor supported systems, issues with floor covering materials are minimal. The only recommended need would be to install in the line directly under the partition a hard inconspicuous surface material (wood or metallic) when the floor is carpeted. This is where the base drop seals meet the floor. A smooth level surface to provide a positive acoustical seal is recommended by ASTM E-557. Sound will leak (a flanking path) under the partition through the carpet fibers. The overhead track can be disguised to blend into your ceiling system, or we can provide painted, clear, or custom anodized with no external soffit or metallic pieces.

Where the partition meets the permanent vertical project walls, we recommend using a bulb seal attached to the “lead” (1st) panel rather than a fixed wall mounted jamb. This will eliminate the need for potentially unsightly additions to the permanent walls. The same applies to the final closure (last panel) of the partition. We recommend using an “expandable panel” closure again eliminating the need for permanent wall attachments such as hinged closures or adjustable wall jambs (some as deep as 6”). It is possible to install a Moderco acoustical wall system without the need for permanent wall attachments. Call us and we will show you how.

Another advantage of incorporating Moderco movable walls into the architecture and design of a building is that they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. Movable walls can be designed to match the existing decor and architecture of a building, making them a seamless addition to any space. They can also be customized to fit the specific needs and preferences of the building’s occupants. An infinite variety is available. From standard vinyl, fabrics & carpets to custom finishes, wood, murals, corporate logos, windows, metals etc. Let’s discuss your personal desires.

Incorporating movable walls into the architecture and design of a building can also increase the value of the building. Movable walls are a cost-effective solution for creating flexible and adaptable spaces that can be reconfigured as needed, reducing the need for costly renovations or relocations. This makes them an attractive option for building owners and occupants alike.

Moderco movable walls offer a range of benefits to building owners and occupants. They can be used to create flexible and adaptable spaces that can be reconfigured as needed, making them ideal for use in office buildings, schools, homes, and other types of buildings. Movable walls can also be used to improve the energy efficiency of a building by reducing the need for heating and cooling, as well as to improve the acoustics of a space.

In conclusion, the integration of Moderco movable walls into the architecture and design of a building is a smart and innovative solution that offers a range of benefits. From improving the functionality and efficiency of a space to enhancing its aesthetic appeal, Moderco movable walls are a versatile and cost-effective solution that can transform any building. Whether you are looking to retrofit an existing building or to incorporate movable walls into the design of a new building, Moderco movable walls are an ideal solution. Call us at 1 800 363-3150 so we can discuss.