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Assigned Spaces in Hospitals are no longer Practical

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In all hospitals, patients are the priority. But much thought must also go into considering the needs and function of the hospital staff when designing interiors. Consider, in the United States there are approximately 6100 hospitals with a total of 920,000 beds. To adequately serve the needs of patients the rule of thumb is 1500 sq. ft of hospital per bed. The total square footage of hospital space is close to 14 million sq. ft. Typically hospitals employ 1 nurse for every 3 patients (307,000 nurses) with 3 nurses for every doctor (102,000 doctors). In addition to serving the needs of the ill, hospitals are major businesses requiring many types of administrative associates to keep the hospital environment functioning.


Working in the health care field these days is stressful with a great deal of associate turnover. Interior spaces must be designed to keep associates from leaving, to consider the effectiveness of all staff members in completing their duties as well as have places to go to chill out. When recruiting new personnel, the areas where they will work must be appealing to them and indicate that they are appreciated, valued, and needed. In addition, the inefficient use of space is not acceptable these days of people shortages and high costs. For this reason, it is no longer possible or practical to assign specific individuals or jobs based on title and not on what their jobs entail. Assigned spaces always tended to be too large especially when they were designed around the importance of the person.


By far the best option for the overall interior division of hospital space are Moderco acoustic solid & glass moveable wall systems (Signature, Excel, Crystal), non-acoustic moveable glass wall systems (Vision) or glass demountable wall systems from our sister company Extanza.


Utilize solid acoustic moveable walls (Signature or Excel) in meeting rooms or other areas where staff visual and acoustic privacy is needed. Use Moderco glass acoustic moveable wall systems (Crystal) where flexibility, acoustics and the ability for visual/non-visual needs are desired. Where you require all the features of glass but not a high degree of acoustic privacy, specify Vision, a moveable wall with the ability to divide and then move out of the way to create a totally open space. For private offices specify Extanza, Moderco’s new full height glass demountable wall system complete with all standard accessories. Overall Moderco glass systems create an atmosphere that is inviting, open and “healthy”. Good for your hospital personnel.


Moderco has a complete line of solid and glass systems, moveable and fixed that will fit all your needs. Contact us at 1.800.363.3150 and we will be happy to work with you to determine the best product for your project.