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MODERCO Inc. Announces Construction of new Facility to Support Growth.


Moderco, an International and 40 year experienced manufacturer of Moveable Wall Systems, today announced plans to construct a new manufacturing facility, beginning the summer of 2021, within the Greater Montreal Area. The new manufacturing plant and corporate offices will be located in the heart of a developing area adjacent to the new Montreal/St. Hubert regional airport. The facility will consolidate into one location the three existing separate plants that are presently required to meet the growing demand for Moderco’s products as experienced over the past few years. In addition, it will provide for the  growth of Moderco and the manufacture of new products and features.

“Our Architects and consultants have designed a building and environment wherein our associates will remain central to our success. We will incorporate our 40 years of success and experience in all aspects of the moveable wall industry including robotic assembly, automation, AI, material management, quality and inventory control into one location. Combining the skills of our valued associates with the most current manufacturing methods and equipment available, will allow us to maintain and significantly increase our planned growth” said Stephan Julien, President and CEO of Moderco. “We were extremely fortunate to locate such a nice and well-served location. The location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us to continue to grow and develop and provide exceptional service and product”.

Jean Martin (JM) Roy, VP of Sales and Marketing commented : “Our entire office area, combined with a sales training and presentation area, will allow us to showcase and demonstrate all of our products. In addition we will have, in partnership with a prominent acoustical engineering company, a fully accredited acoustical testing laboratory where we will be able to quickly sound test all of our planned new products as well as have existing products retested in order to keep current with the most recent test procedures. One of the most pressing problems in our industry is extreme variations throughout a year in product demand. Alleviating delivery problems associated with these variations is an important part of the incorporated manufacturing processes allowing us to keep pace with our client’s needs.”

All at Moderco are looking forward to the relocation to our new facility in the Fall of 2022. For additional information about the new Moderco manufacturing facility, Moderco in general, Moderco products or Moderco distribution please contact or call 800.363.3150.

About Moderco.

Moderco is a privately owned company that specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of operable (moveable) partition systems. Moderco was established in 1980 and has been manufacturing partitions since. Products are sold throughout the world through a network of reliable, fully trained, local installing distributor partners. Moderco is the largest supplier of operable partition systems to the Canadian market and has held this position consistently for the past 25 years. We are ranked third in North America in terms of sales volume. We offer an extensive ranger of manual and electric operable partition systems as well as accordion doors, moveable glass partitions with additional products soon to come. We offer acoustic and non-acoustic systems with a varied range of STC values.