Moveable Walls and Senior Living Residences

One of the vertical markets most negatively affected by the Pandemic is Senior Living Communities. In excess of 1 million American and Canadians reside in 35,000 assisted living communities. They employ nearly 500,000 people who provide comfort, shelter and community to those most vulnerable. Statistically 8 out of 10 virus related deaths since March have been adults 65 or older with more than half of senior community living residents being 85 or older.

Unlike other markets, senior residences must continue to operate so rather than close or cut back as others may do they must adapt and carry on during the pandemic. Keeping the residents healthy especially when they all continue to be eager to socialize is challenging. Lifestyle of residents is primarily supported through the interior design of space in order to provide living accommodations, food preparation and eating, recreational activities. Interior design now has to be rethought and adapted to ensure residents and staff comfort and safety as well as provide as best as possible the necessary social interactions.

Every facility is different so it is difficult to suggest specific ways that moveable walls can be applied and assist in accomplishing this task. Moderco and its distributor/partners are capable of identifying areas of concern and recommending solutions on a case by case basis. Some areas that should be discussed in terms of internal space division using moveable walls are:

As acoustics are not typically an issue in senior residents we recommend Moderco Vision non acoustic glass wall systems. Clean visual lines. Easily moved. Minimum storage space required. Light so miminium changes to support structure. Economical.

If you are designing a new or retro-fitting an existing Senior Resident please call Moderco at 1.800.363.3150 so that we can discuss and share our almost 40 years of experience.