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Wolf Ranch Texas – Moveable Wall Case Study

Each school has a total of 41 single panel and 19 paired panel Moderco Crystal Acoustic Glass moveable walls. The owners and design team wanted to create as much access to natural light as possible for students and staff as well as maintaining acoustic privacy between teaching areas. More glass – more light creating a bright and airy environment for all occupants. At the same time there was a need for larger gathering areas for collaborative events: open up the space. The perfect solution was the Moderco Crystal panel system which, when stacked, provided maximum flexibility. The walls also had to be useful for teaching purposes so “special” glass writing surfaces were created (see below).

The Team

Architect Huckabee – Austin Texas.
General Contractor Bartlett Cocke –

Austin Texas

Moderco Partner RPC Inc.

12402 Eastex Freeway,
Houston Texas, 77039


Lance Finley


The Product

Product Crystal Glass STC 44 Acoustical Wall System
Configuration Model 241 Single Panels
Stacking Center stacking on Bronze and Clear Anodized aluminum track systems
Glass ¼” Clear tempered with special film (see below)
Closure Expandable

Acoustic Seals


Fixed top. Automatic Base.

Trim Protective in bronze and clear anodized finish.


 All classroom paired panels systems have a factory installed special white finish on inside of each glass face at marker board height (24” AFF & 48” high). This allows the instructors to “write” on the glass surface with special markers and then easily erase. Instructors love the concept. Easy to write on, excellent visuals and no markings left after erasing.
All single panel corridor partitions have a “special non-see-through” film applied on the corridor side of each panel. This prevents the students from being distracted by any corridor activity. Excellent acoustic qualities provided by wall system.

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