How Covid-19 will change Interior Design in 3 Major Markets



Office, Hotel and School interior design is about to change due to Covid. All 3 require space where people must freely congregate.


There are some who believe that office buildings will revert back to individual closed offices with permanent walls rather than the “open plan” concept which is the most desirable. This is unlikely to happen. Instead people will continue to work from home when they can especially when daily interaction with co-workers is not a requirement. The office then becomes the place to go to for personal discussions, demonstrations, presentations as well as needed social interaction. The office will always exist but in a revised form. Each office will be designed for maximum social distancing, minimum touch operation and have surfaces that are easily sanitized or ones that will not support the retention of the virus. Each office area will remain “open” such that it supports social distancing but will also have the capability to quickly establish areas where the need for privacy or services can be quickly established. Moderco Moveable walls perfectly fulfill this need. Being proactive and having Moderco moveable walls installed in specific locations so that when needed, Moderco panels can be brought out (manually or electrically) to create private areas. When not needed the panels will be returned to their closet and the complete open plan will be restored. Moderco Moveable walls will also be used to establish & define eating areas and kitchens, storage facilities etc.


Hotels typically use Moderco moveable walls in order to divide up meeting rooms but Covid has forced designers to think about dividing other areas. All guest common areas such as lobbies, check in areas where people like to congregate and meet will be designed for flexibility and multiple use. These large open potential mass meetings will be limited and discouraged by installing Moderco moveable walls thus having various possible configurations based on anticipated needs and peak periods. Moveable walls will visually discourage congregating as well as helping hotel personnel, monitor large gatherings and thus maintain order. If circumstances change requiring larger areas, the walls can be quickly moved back to their storage areas and larger areas created. Smaller groups based on relationships and the need to gather can meet in separate areas distanced from others by a Moderco wall system. The trend towards “buffet” style meals will be replaced by secure pantry areas where grab & go meals can be found in areas created by Moderco moveable walls. The need for permanent dedicated areas just for eating will be eliminated. More useable space thus creating more opportunities for social distancing becomes possible.


There are two basic types of classrooms: “open-plan” & “lecture style”. Each has their advantages as well as disadvantages to both student and teacher. There are also two types of schools: “existing” and those under design and being built based on todays needs. Throw in the various types of teaching methods (new and traditional “old school”), the necessary use of technology to its fullest, more efficient HVAC systems, high ceilings, an abundance of natural light, bringing nature inside and flexibility and the Architect has a challenging role. With a Moderco operable wall system capable of “redefining space” you can have both. When a lecture style of teaching is desired the Moderco moveable walls can be put in place. When the open plan type is preferred the walls can be stored away.
The design and building of Office buildings, Hotels and Schools will put a greater emphasis on health-related features such as mandatory social distancing, less physical touching (electric walls) and antimicrobial surfaces. A shift to health and wellness offerings will change where and how you use the “redefining space” abilities of a Moderco moveable wall system.


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