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Moderco Manually Operated Solid Moveable Wall Product Selector

Moderco manufactures 3 manually operated product types: Solid Moveable Walls, Glass Moveable Walls and Accordion Doors. You will find herein a link  that provides a quick and efficient way to determine the various standards of & options available with the Solid Moveable Wall products.     Click here for a pdf version

Moderco offers two series of Solid Walls: Signature 800 Series (our premium product, a history of 40+ years of proven use and durability) and Excel 700 Series (more price conscious, 10 years in production, robotically manufactured). Both Series are available in two configurations: single panels (various stacking configurations) and paired (two panels hinged together, center stacked). Moderco does not have a manual continuously hinged moveable wall system due to dimensional & weight limitations that limit this systems ability to be easily operated.



STC values ranging from 43 to 55 and as determined in independent accredited testing laboratories are available. Contact Moderco so that we may assist in determining the correct STC for your application,  reading this article will also help you make your decision.  Skins using either gypsum board or steel are available. Various acoustic seal options are available depending on specific applications and needs. The most commonly used and most economical combination is fixed top sweeps with automatic base seals. read more about Acoustic Seals.



The type of track is always determined by the application and/or the weight and height of the panels. The only real option is whether aluminum or steel track is used. We recommend aluminum track for many reasons. Please contact us if desired and we would be happy to share our reasoning as to why you should use aluminum.

The most commonly used and most desirable final closure (the final panel put into place) is an Expandable panel (a moveable nose mechanism that is manually activated to make up the final dimension of the opening). Within operational height limitations, we can also provide a “hinged panel” that is attached to the permanent wall and provides the final closure. One of the advantages of using a hinged panel is that we can size it such that it also functions as a “pass door” allowing access to either side of the wall when in place. The lead panel closure (first one to be put in place) can be either a bulb seal (recommended) or an adjustable jamb with mating astragals on the panel and the fixed wall.

There are two types of available vertical panel trim: Trimless (non-visible vertical meeting points on panels) and Protective edge trim (a minimal vertical edge where panels meet). Moderco recommends the protective edge trim design as it better protects the panel final finish, allows for field replacement of damaged panel faces and provides a place to securely grip the panels edges when panels are being relocated and not mar or damage the panel face finish.

Available panel finishes and standard accessories are listed.

Use this chart as a starting point to select the correct Moderco panel system for your application. Always feel free to contact Moderco (1.800.363.3150 or,  directly to assist in your selection and once determined we will customize a product specification, including the names and model numbers of equivalent competitive products, for your personal use.