Preventive Maintenance (Part 1)

The term “Preventive Maintenance” suggests establishing a program after the installation of an operable wall and custom designed to maintain it in good working order so as to avoid needless and expensive repairs in the future. But the absolute best operable wall preventive maintenance program actually begins at the product selection stage and not after you have the product installed and up & running. Most times operable wall systems are chosen based on price, acoustics, ease of movement or aesthetics. Very little consideration is given to how easy or costly it will be to keep this very expensive system in proper working condition for years to come. The buyer (and specifier) should choose a “user friendly” designed product rather than one that “looks” pretty or has the latest “gimmicks” that primarily benefit the manufacturer rather than the consumer and in the long term you will be much more pleased. Read the product warranty before you buy and see what it covers. In particular note what you have to do to keep the warranty valid. Look for “get out of jail free” terms like “limited” or similar words.

An operable wall consists of three main elements each of which have their own maintenance considerations: Panel skins, Track & trolley system & Panel acoustical seals.

Panel skins; the panel skins (surface as well as substrate) are more susceptible to damage than any other system component.

Choose :

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Acoustical Seals: Where most of the “gimmicks” and “unique” designs” are found.

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The best way to “prevent” unnecessary maintenance & repairs is to “Look before you buy”

In summary – think before you buy. Think – “What am I buying and what will it cost me to maintain?”