Building & construction design considerations

In the previous blog we covered “sound”, what it is & the principles of panel design and manufacture so as to minimize the transference of sound “through” an installed partition.

Not all sound transference occurs “through” the partition. “Flanking noise” is sound reaching an adjacent room (the other side of the partition) by an indirect path or as commonly called a “flanking path”. “Direct noise” is sound reaching an adjacent room through the partition panel. Panel construction along with proper installation is responsible for minimizing “direct noise” Building construction is responsible for eliminating “flanking paths” and therefore minimizing “flanking noise”.

Building Construction Issues.

Design Considerations

Finally ASTM E-557 is titled “Standard Guide for The Installation of Operable Partitions” but what it is in addition is a guide as to how to minimize “flanking paths”. I would encourage all to read it. Contact Moderco to get all details at 

To be continued.