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In depth Analysis: Operable Wall Acoustics

NWAP Tacoma Marriott Moderco 30 OP

Operable Wall Acoustics 101 is a combination technical and day to day commentary on acoustics as they apply to moveable walls/operable partitions etc. Sound Control is the single most important factor when choosing a moveable wall. But the topic of moveable wall acoustics is often made too complicated by manufacturers as they speak in technical rather than practical terms. The purpose of this question/answer commentary is to attempt to eliminate some of the mystery and explain sound control in terms that are easily understood. You will find herein terms, facts and truths as they apply to operable and moveable wall acoustics. We have included links to articles that expand on the points presented as well as links to independent sources of information which we have used to verify facts contained in this article. If you have any questions please contact Moderco.