Covid-19 – Facts, conclusions and a look at the near future in Office Building Design


The realities of today are in many ways determining what the future will be. Many of today’s norms will in one form or another be with us forever. But how different and how will this “new normal” affect the use of operable walls in the various vertical markets? Gensler Architects has completed some extensive and detailed research on these market groups and deserve an enormous amount of credit for their efforts. I am quoting their conclusions and percentages in this article on office buildings. Based on their publications I have made some assumptions about how operable walls will be affected and will their use increase or decrease and what changes to product design and features will result.






A look at the near future


So how does all of this affect Moderco and the design community?


We feel very confident about the future of Moderco and the operable wall industry in general especially in office buildings. Operable walls will continue to be a significant part of office building design and provide the distancing, hygiene and acoustic solutions that the new future requires. Please contact Moderco at 1 800 363 3150 for design assistance. Thank you and please stay safe.