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Complex Healthcare Questions solved with Moderco Glass Moveable Walls.

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The demands imposed on the healthcare system by Covid are many. In fact, no other vertical market has been impacted as much. Concerns regarding safety, comfort & security are being raised by medical professionals, patients, visitors & owners and require a new vision as to new project design as well as modifying existing facilities.


Waiting Rooms:

The luxury of having large temporary and many times, rarely used visitor waiting/reception areas, are being rethought. In times of emergency when visiting is discouraged all available space must be utilized. Enclosing designated waiting/reception areas with Moderco Crystal moveable glass walls so that the area can quickly be reconfigured into useful space should be a strong consideration. It no longer makes sense to have these areas enclosed with permanent fixed walls.


Emergency Rooms:

Every healthcare facility has emergency areas and rooms. Flexibility & versatility are required. But often predetermined emergency areas are not sufficient to provide “emergency” care. Moderco Crystal glass moveable walls provide a simple solution to creating additional separate & isolated emergency healthcare needs.

Doctor’s offices:

A Doctors office is an area that demands much: an examination room, interviews and diagnostic determinations, a place for computers etc. But often not all Doctors are in house, or all the designated areas are not required. Creating Doctors offices with Moveable Moderco Crystal Walls will provide visual as well as acoustic privacy when needed.



The need for fast and accurate testing areas that can also be isolated from the general population is a requirement in every Hospital. But very often the need is not always constant. Must be flexible to enable research and the addition of technicians and equipment. Laboratories and testing areas can be quickly created using Moderco acoustic glass walls.



Noise is disruptive and continuous in all areas of health care facilities. Minimizing noise transfer from one area to the other is a priority. Using Moderco Crystal acoustically rated glass wall systems will greatly reduce this transfer and allow necessary visual observations and monitoring of patients.



Summarizing, Moderco Glass Wall Systems provide practical & simple solutions to Emergency Healthcare needs as well as allowing facilities to quickly transform their interior space. Call us at 1.800.363.3150 if you need additional information or assistance.