Advanced Learning Library Wichita, KS. – Case Study

The Project

The Advanced Learning Library is a state-of-the-art library located in Wichita, KS. The largest operable wall on this project is very unique in that the wall is Crystal glass on top with the bottom 36” being a solid Signature. This rare combination helps in achieving the 12’7” ceiling height requirement as well as a rare aesthetic touch. More importantly, the outstanding acoustical performance of the wall enables them to separate their sometimes-noisy lobby from their main library which requires absolute silence for readers or open the entire area up for large events. In addition, this wall allows for multiple configurations allowing or not allowing guest to use the stairs.

The Team

Architect GLMV Architecture
General Contractor Dondlinger Construction
Moderco Partner Burns Boys Co.

6634 Kaw Drive Kansas City, KS 66111

The Product

Product Crystal 241 molded together with Signature 841
Panels Single Panel
Stacking Side Stacking
Glass Double panel ¼” tempered glass
Track #33-T Aluminum Track
Glass Clear Tempered
Door Closure  Telescopic
Finish Bottom Carnegie Xorel fabric on bottom and glass on top
STC 44
Accessories Pass doors with panic hardware, lockable lever, & exit signs


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