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An architect’s toolbox for building the perfect Moveable Wall.

Many sales professionals operate under the misguided premise that “Architect’s do not buy, contractors do”. As a result they concentrate on building relationships with GC’s. But this fact is simply not true. Architects (and all specifiers) do purchase: they buy (or reject) the “company” and ultimately the “product’.

As a sales driven manufacturer we are often faced with a perplexing problem: how do we gain the acceptance and trust of Architects/Specifiers who are reluctant to specify or sometimes even approve us as an acceptable supplier? How do we “sell” our knowledge, skills, and abilities to the initial specifying and approval authority in the equation?


On the road to solving this problem we looked at our past and to our future, our success stories and our less than successful stories but most of all, how we are presenting ourselves to Architects and what changes should we make in order to make ourselves the “go to company” for moveable walls. This is where we are.

We are not the biggest, we do not claim to be the “first” or “largest” in anything. We are a 38 year experienced manufacturer and marketer of moveable wall systems.

Moderco wants our visit with you to be educational in nature and content rather than an attempt on our part to convince you to specify the moveable walls we manufacture.

We want you to be convinced that we are the experts in all areas when it comes to moveable walls. We do not want to be regarded as a “partition peddler”. Our specifications and schematics will always be fair and invite competitive proposals.

We want you to have confidence in us and can only demonstrate this if you permit us to personally present our background, case studies of successfully completed projects, testimonial letters and our product.

We believe that our primary contribution to your firm and projects will be “solution solving”. Not just our products as they are only part of the solution that you are seeking. Our 38 year experience in all aspects of dividing space including surrounding construction, acoustics, sound absorption, wall and ceiling design, aesthetic considerations, storage design etc. permits us to assist in many ways.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you, to personally discuss how together we can address and solve space division issues and present the products that we feel are best suited to your need.

Please call us at 1 800 363-3150.