ASTM E-90 – Ask to see a complete STC sound test

If you request an STC test on an operable wall from a supplier , how do you know that it accurately reflects or proves the walls ability to stop the transfer of sound?  Most reviewers will simply look at the STC number, the higher the better, and confirm that they recognize the manufacturer. Yes? – OK. Good to go. But there is far more to consider. You should carefully look at the test reports contents and compare it to what the test procedure requires to be included in the test report. Look at “what” was tested. Consider the following. Notations in italics – “..” – are direct quotes from ASTM E-90.

Determine the reliability of the Sound test and the STC reported. Questions you should ask


Test Specimens. It is critical to review what was actually tested to ensure that the test was conducted on an “operable wall or partition” specimen.