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Moderco and the Contractor Relationship

It is said by many that “I’ve never received an order from an Architect which is why I concentrate my efforts on Contractors”. Moderco does not subscribe to that theory instead believing that both Architects and General Contractors are equally important to our success. We have to pay attention to both of our primary customers and treat them equally with honesty & respect for their time.

Quite frankly dealing with many (but not all) generals can be frustrating. We punctually respond to requests for pricing ensuring to the best of our ability that the price is competitive, we ensure them that we have the capabilities, manpower and equipment to finish the project on time, we follow up – but never seem to close any orders with some of them. But the next time around when asked we repeat this process all over again because if you don’t bid you are guaranteed not to be successful but maybe next time? - you never can tell!

Therefore we encourage our “distributor/partners” to act as follows when dealing with General Contractors:

#1. We realize that a contractor does not always award orders to the lowest bidder, preferring instead to deal with someone he knows, is competitively priced and is confident will provide operable partitions on time with the least amount of aggravation and upset. We want to be that supplier and know we have to earn your trust to become one: a contractor should not have to gamble. The only way we can prove ourselves is if you award us an order.

#2. We do all we can to gain preapproval for our product, if necessary, from the project Architect prior to bidding. Sometimes we are frustrated by the approval system so if we have not acquired preapproval we will inform you of this at bid time. We will not bid if we have been rejected.

#3. We will provide you with a clear, concise, accurate bid proposal prior to bid closing including what the proposal is based upon as well as exclusions but minus pricing. This will allow you to review and ask for any clarifications. Pricing will be provided when asked for by yourself if feasible, but no later than the morning of  day the project bids.

#4. We realize that your credibility is on the line each and every time you accept an order and that bad performance by sub-trades  will reflect badly on you if non- performance results. We will function as promised in a professional reliable manner meeting to the best of our ability, all imposed time deadlines. If we feel we will be unable to adhere to promised times then we will notify you as quickly as possible along with a remedial action plan. 

Again we have to earn the trust of all contractors and look forward to the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Call 1 800 363-3150 for more information or a quotation.