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Convention center partitions

Convention Centres are conceived for one specific purpose - to host a wide range of events - so its components such as operable partitions must be tailored to address the needs of this specific purpose. Moderco Operable Partitions provide the most basic of a CC’s needs – flexibility – but in order to fully satisfy the project needs the Moderco partitions must also be efficient, functional and provide a unique experience such that visitors will want to return.



Moderco Flexibility: As different venues require their own unique set-ups and room sizes, much thought must be given to where partitions will be located, the resulting varied sizes of the spaces created, alternate partition location strategy, storage requirements, the correct partition configuration for the application etc. Moderco has a wealth of experience in working with design groups on Operable Partition design & possibilities for major Convention Centers worldwide in order to create the greatest flexibility possible. We would be pleased to share our experiences with you as you create space flexibility.

Moderco Efficiency: Time is often short between events. The time between Tear-down & Set-up for the next event is often limited therefore the correct partition system for individual applications must be selected with operational efficiency in mind. Paired panel center stack configurations with fixed top sweeps and automatic base seals are the most cost effective, easiest to set up and stack, designed for opening and closing in one location only and typically suitable for heights less than 18’. Single panel systems with mechanical top and base seals are the most efficient time wise above 18’ using right angle track systems up to 22’ tall and switch and curve above 22’. Steel & aluminum track systems are equal in terms of reliability with aluminum easier to maintain (no lubrication required). Time is money. Let us assist in selecting the correct configuration, stacking and acoustic seals for each application.

Moderco Functionality: The partitions must function as promised. Room sizes suitable for each anticipated event must be available thus the need for Moderco design input based on our experience on previous projects regarding partition locations. CC’s are typically “high abuse” buildings thus the need for exterior steel skins with an internal substrate. The “weakest” portion of any panel is its edge so we recommend an aesthetically pleasing protective edge trim design to prolong panel longevity and reduce the need for recovering. Partitions must have a proven STC value based on a current ASTM E-90 full size test procedure conducted in an independent laboratory and then installed as per ASTM E-557. Let Moderco explain to you its thoughts on acoustics.

The Unique Experience of a Moderco Partition System: For 35 years and two generations of family members Moderco has specialized in Operable Partitions. Moderco is the third largest in North America by sales volume, the sole North American manufacturer of the world’s most popular and successful panel design, and small enough to treat each customer as special but large enough to satisfy the most demanding of requirements.

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