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Designing operable partitions, let’s ‘communivate’!

We have invented a new word at Moderco: COMMUNIVATE” (n). “COMMUNIVATION” (v) – the act of communivating.

Communivate is a combination of two common words: “communicate” & “motivate”. And this is what we encourage all of our associates and distributor partners to do and what we are attempting to do by means of these blogs, web sites, personal visits and social media. To motivate you to consider the use of Moderco Partitions and other products by communicating our abilities, product features and advantages to you in a manner such that you will have confidence that we can satisfy your requirements and needs.

  1. We will get to the point as quickly as possible, emphasizing those product features that are most important to your application and by doing so build your trust in Moderco.
  2. We will listen because through listening we will learn. We encourage feedback and hearing your responses to what we are presenting. We want you to be involved in what we are saying
  3. We will avoid as much as possible those products and features that are not of any interest to you saving same for a different time and application. There will not be any “canned” sales pitches.
  4. We will be empathetic doing our best to understand and react to what you are asking and saying knowing that your time is important.
  5. If needed we will get back to you promptly with promised information, answers, samples or whatever else you request


By “communicating” the abilities of Moderco we hope to “motivate” you to consider using Moderco.

We are the third largest manufacturer of Operable Partitions in North America, have been in business for over 35 continuous years, have over 100 fully trained installing distributors in place, have a complete range of products using current full size ASTM E-90  acoustical testing procedures, are competitively priced and will deliver on time.

“COMMUNIVATE” – Motivation through Communication! Call us at 1 800 363-3150