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Hufcor vs. Modernfold , but have you thought of Moderco?

Other than unique manufacturing methods and equipment, various aesthetic options, accessories, differences in sound testing methods, locations and results etc. all companies in the operable partition business basically manufacture similar products: a track and trolley mounted, easily relocatable, standard configurations of manual or electric panel partition.



So on what basis do you choose a manufacturer? Usually it is name recognition or a company that you have used in the past. Are you aware of the differences between Moderco and “them”? The extra value items and features not specified.
Consider the “value added” features that Moderco offers:

The most often stated criteria for choosing a manufacturer, other than perhaps name familiarity & previous experience, is STC.

Moderco has the most current up to date sound tests as conducted in an approved independent testing facility available. All of our partitions are tested in the most commonly used & industry accepted 14’ wide by 9’ high test opening rather than a smaller size opening that is now being used by some to acquire a higher STC value.
Moderco is the ONLY manufacturer that provides as a standard, a locking device that snaps in place during movement of paired panel systems to allow ease of handling and prevent injury.
Our Signature series has, as a standard, field removable and field replaceable skins thus allowing field damaged panel skins to be repaired or even replaced on site thus minimizing downtime.
Our Signature series is available in both fine line and protective edge designs. Fine line when aesthetics are the primary need and protective edge when abuse and a significant amount of partition relocation is expected.
A lifetime warranty on ALL track systems.
A no charge inspection and readjustment, if necessary, of the entire partition system after 6 months of use.

These are only some of the “value added” features that Moderco offers. Feel free to contact us to find out more