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Local Distributor of operable partitions

Moderco constantly promotes & solidifies its relationship with our fully trained network of exclusive installing distributors. We consider this relationship to be so important and strong that we prefer to call them “Partners” rather than distributors of our products. As a result of this unwavering commitment we will market our products only through our distributor partners. Never direct nor will we attempt in any way to go around them. We do not have field  sales representatives in place for any purpose other than to support and assist distributor partners in their product educational & promotional efforts. There are several reasons why we are committed in this regard.


#1. The combination of Moderco’s 35 plus years of designing and manufacturing operable partition products combined with a quality respected high quality local representative always results in well managed smooth running projects with minimal problems and disruptions. This is an unbeatable combination.


#2. Location; Our distributor partners are local, known and instantly available as well as being acceptable to the local design and contracting community. They are always available to assist hands-on with design and specifications to choose the correct product for the application. They are able to attend local project meetings, visit and monitor sites, measure openings on a short notice and ensure that the installed product performs. They will conduct training & demonstration seminars in the proper and safe use of operable partitions as well as guide in proper maintenance techniques. And if by chance there are problems they are available for warranty issues or provide parts from their stock.


#3. You Know Them; They work each and every day in your area. Chances are that you know them or their company personally or by reputation. They are your business partners, know the players in your area, employ local trades people, contribute to the local economy belong to local associations. In short – they are your business neighbors – not a company 1000 miles away.

#4. They have Local Knowledge; they know local building codes as well as the unwritten ways of conducting business in their own backyard. Gained by years of local experience. Licensing & building permit requirements. Labor requirements. They know where city hall is. They know what taxes to include or exclude leading to always accurate pricing rather than unexpected surprises resulting from exclusions.


#5. Installation; Operable partitions have to be installed. In fact they are only as good as the quality of the installation. Our partners will have their own crews or experienced local proven subcontractors rather than crews brought in from the outside.


#6. Other Products; Most of our distributor partners have multiple product lines. By combining the partitions with other products carried by our local representative often a “package price” results resulting in lower overall costs and fewer suppliers, better design assistance, and less calling around as needs arise.


The bottom line is that the advantages of dealing direct with a manufacturer, especially on large complicated projects, is minimal. After completion he may be over 1000 miles away – and just when you need him in a hurry – he will still be 1000 miles away. Deal with a local trained “partner” you know and can count on.


If you want to know who our/your “partner” in operable partitions is in your area call us at 1 800 363-3150.