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Moveable Partitions and their use in Religious Projects.


Of all the vertical markets (religious, educational, hospitality, convention centers, commercial) in which Moderco moveable walls partitions are used,  religious projects are the ones where input from the owner as to product choice and application is recommended. Churches, Synagogues, Mosques etc. (referred to as “churches” herein) are multi-purpose, owner managed, dynamic facilities that have to be designed based on unique &  variable factors not usually encountered in other vertical markets. Churches are non-profit, self- supporting, self-funded and managed and operated by members functioning as volunteers. Church leaders have to consider safety, immediate & ever-changing space division needs (flexibility), acoustics,  aesthetics and cost. These are some of the primary considerations when incorporating Moderco moveable walls in religious projects

Safety Considerations: Mechanical top and base seals for ease of movement (no friction)and locking of panels in place. Only designated Moderco trained church personnel with a panel lock key can move panels. Safety and precaution warnings on all panels. Electric partitions require design and application discussions with Moderco. No fixed wall jambs as they create walking hazards. Avoid protruding hinges on paired panel systems.

Flexibility: Discuss anticipated space division needs and expectations with Moderco: education, meetings, worship, contemplation etc.. Consider alternate position track grid systems. If cost is an issue put track in now and purchase panels at a later date.  Location of storage pockets & pocket door design combined with efficient design of pockets & locations so as to maximize useable space is recommended: discuss with Moderco. Determine mix of Moderco moveable wall configurations – paired or single.

Acoustics: You will hear the term STC when referencing sound. First – there is no such thing as a “soundproof” partition. STC is a two digit number describing the laboratory performance of a partition as per ASTM E-90 in stopping the transmission of sound through it. In theory the higher the number – the better the acoustic performance of the partition. But there is so much more than just a high number. You must review the sound tests with your proposed supplier looking for when the test was conducted (what year?), where it was conducted (an independent laboratory?), size of partition opening tested (anything less than 14’ w X 9’ h is suspect), how many panels in the test (should be at least 4) etc. Let Moderco review our sound tests with you and suggest the proper STC rating based on several factors including building construction.

Aesthetics: Parishioners and visitors judge their time in church at least partly based on quality & aesthetics: partitions must be attractive, modern but also easily modified and recovered sometime in the future. Discuss partition finish options with Moderco: vinyl, wood, carpet, fabric, customers own material (COM). All are mix and match options with different applications. And for a “Touch of class - use glass”. Acoustic glass partitions with clear, frosted, etched, patterned finishes. All are possibilities that your Moderco representative can discuss.

Cost: As stewards of property and resources church leaders need to look at the lifetime cost of a partition rather than initial purchase price. Lifetime cost is a more accurate estimate of value. Consider the design of a product long term as it relates to cost of maintenance, recovering of panels or replacing, time to set up and take down, warranty fulfillment, follow up service commitments, local distribution and service. Let Moderco explain our commitment to you regarding long term cost rather than the price you pay now.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a partition for a Religious facility.

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