Moveable Walls, Covid and Religious Facilities.


Other that educational facilities the religious/worship vertical market has been affected the most. But religious facilities, especially existing, are faced with very unique space division issues. The premise of a worship facility is based on “congregating”: to meet together as a unified body to worship and praise. But how do you “congregate” and at the same time maintain mandatory separation requirements and able to sanitize surfaces and stay safe. As it is in all aspects of our congregating life today, effective solutions will require a coordinated approach between building features and design/operational practices. This will not be inexpensive, will require change and adapting to the new normal.

There will be a need to modify and make changes to existing religious facilities as well as in the design of new in order to ensure the health & safety of occupants, maintain the confidence of congregants and make all feel comfortable when in attendance. Covid has created a need for new planning and design precedents based on a new way of life including how we work, learn, congregate and worship. Reducing density based on specific needs by means of moveable walls is possible and desirable. Some thoughts:

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