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Operable Partitions: choosing the right partition for your specific needs

Assuming that you have determined the need for flexible space division using conventional solid panel partition systems, it is advisable that you contact a professional sales consultant from Moderco to advise what product would be best for you.

Three options will be discussed based on 3 basic criteria:

  1.   Acoustic needs – the primary selection criteria.
  2.   Configuration which is determined by the application and storage.
  3.   Operation: manual or electric.

Manual Paired Panel Systems: Panels hinged together in groups of two

  •      Quick easy setup. Very smooth operation.
  •      No extra storage track. Minimum amount of  structural support required.
  •      Straight line system
  •      Varied types of acoustic seals available
  •      Designed for frequent use by trained but “unskilled” operators.
  •      Panels can be stored at one end or both, in pockets or in the room.
  •      Typically used in classrooms, meeting rooms, areas where fast easy set-up is needed.
  •      Most economical of all configurations.
  •      All accessories & finishes available

66% of all Moderco openings are paired panel configurations.

Single Panel Systems: panels each with 2 trollies that are manually moved independently of each other.

  •      Typically used in complex layouts with special storage needs.
  •      Can have alternate locations using special stacking and switching.
  •      Satisfies need in buildings with high ceilings such as convention or conference centers, hotel       ballrooms, multi-purpose facilities.
  •      Used in wide openings where varied floor levels and deflection requirements may be encountered.
  •      Requires extra storage track and support steel.
  •      Varied types of acoustic seals, finishes and accessories available.

24% of all Moderco openings are Single Panel configurations.

Continuously Hinged Electric Systems; a series of panels hinged together that moves as a unit.

  •      Smooth operation for very tall panels.
  •      Electric operation requiring two individuals.
  •      Fixed constant contact top sweeps and adjustable floor seals.
  •      All accessories and finishes available.
  •      Numerous safety systems to prevent injury.
  •      Typically used in school gymnasiums, cafeterias.

5% of all Moderco openings are Continuously Hinged Electric Systems.

Moderco also manufactures Accordion Door systems, Glass Wall Systems, Electric and Manual Curtain Systems.

Call us at 1 800 363-3150 and we will work with you to choose the Moderco product and accessories that best fits your requirements.