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Operable Partitions: How Moderco works with Architects

What is Moderco’s position as it pertains to Architects and Architectural sales? This sounds like an all too basic question and therefore easy to answer because after all, an Architect and his acceptance of Moderco is necessary for our success. No Architectural acceptance! No orders for Moderco. So we as a  manufacturer that sells only through a network of installing distributor sales representative network must pattern our sales and marketing efforts around specific beliefs so as to inspire confidence in Moderco. The way we conduct ourselves is as important as what we manufacture and sell.


We realize in this day of instant communication, websites, downloads etc. that more information than ever before is available without ever speaking to a Moderco representative. But we also believe that an Architect cannot know everything that needs to be known about Moderco and the applications of our product nor can he find it online. Therefore we continue to believe in personal contact as the primary source of knowledge about Moderco and encourage our representatives to follow this approach.

We also  believe that contact with a Moderco representative should be a mutual learning experience rather than a “sales” call. We encourage discussions about what partitions can and cannot do, good and bad applications, honesty in all facets of personal discussions and then the specific application of what we produce as it pertains to an Architect’s needs. We also will strive to learn more about the Architect so that future interactions will be positive and less time consuming.


We believe that meeting with an Architect is a privilege that should not be time consuming and wasteful for either participant. The meeting should be short in length, factual in content and educational in tone. We promise that we will be responsive, not pushy and quick to provide requested follow up information & details.


Our ultimate goal is to establish a personal relationship with the architect based on mutual respect for each other’s roles in the design process. We need each other.
For an IMMEDIATE answer to questions about Moderco Call our “New Sales Hotline” at 1 800 MODERCO and someone will assist you right away!