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Operable Partitions for Places of Worship


With an ever growing requirement for multi-use places of worship and the need for the design professionals to incorporate flexibility in their plans, how can Moderco assist? Moderco Operable Partition Systems permit the space to be expanded, contracted and reconfigured quickly and reliably. Working with a Moderco Sales Professional, Church/Synagogue/Mosque designers & building committees are able to quickly assess traditional & conventional designs and concepts, compare to present day needs and then create varied use of space by using Moderco Operable Partitions for better user comfort and satisfaction.


Moderco Operable Partition Systems provide optimum space flexibility. Typically each partition is custom manufactured to fit the opening dimensions thus providing physical, visual and acoustical separation. Systems can be designed that divide the space into multiple rooms with the panels that are not used stored out of sight. If a gymnasium is part of the project then division will allow simultaneous physical education classes or meeting space. Likewise if a cafeteria is part of the project it too can be divided into various size areas using Moderco Operable Partitions. In other words how the area is identified – sanctuary, cafeteria, gymnasium, classroom, foyer etc. – it can be transformed into something else thus maximizing the use of space.


Moderco Operable Partition Systems are all suspended from and supported by an overhead track system. There is not any track in the floor nor is the partition supported by any structural floor elements. All systems will have to meet any building codes, ADA regulation and fire codes so consulting with Moderco and your design team is mandatory. A critical decision will involve “sound control”. Work with Moderco to select the best acoustically rated product for your needs then ensure that your designers specify a surrounding enclosure that  has the same acoustic qualities. An STC number (the higher the better) is the standard determining factor.


Before you select a supplier remember that if you select wrong there is little that you can do down the road to fix or modify an installed partition system. So you have to be right the first time. We suggest you go on a “road trip”. Look at Moderco installations. Talk to users and especially the people who operate them. The maintenance personnel are the best sources. Do the partitions quiet when moved? Is it easy to set the seals? Find out what acoustic seal options are available. Is service if needed readily available? Is the local distributor fully trained? Do they have a stock of repair parts? What is the warranty? Have your read the warranty? Ask to see the STC sound test and have it read by someone who knows what it contains in order to determine whether or not it is valid.


After qualifying different manufacturers as acceptable, work with your design team and your local Moderco Distributor/Partner to consider layout and product options. You should have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of building use now and into the future. Establish a budget: how much do you want to spend? Then the Moderco rep can begin to suggest specific products (Moderco has four systems: Excel, Signature, Crystal, Vision) and configurations (single, paired, continuously hinged electric) STC (many from mid 40’s to mid 50’s), coverings (vinyl, fabric, carpet, wood, custom), manual or electric, glass or solid, design and location for storage, a multitude of accessories such as pass doors, pocket storage doors, varied types of writing surfaces, marker boards  etc.


After specific needs have been determined Moderco will provide at no charge or obligation, budget pricing, dimensioned proposal drawings & a promised delivery and completion date. If we are chosen as the preferred supplier we will work with the design team to develop a product specification, suggest features to be incorporated into the building structure in order to make the partitions user friendly and acoustically efficient, write a specification that includes the names of equal competitive products and models to ensure competitive pricing.


Trust Moderco from the outset. Put us on your team. You will not be sorry. Call us at 1 800 363-3150.