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Operable Partitions: Rob Pelletier Construction (RPC)

“The eyes of Texas are upon you” says the song. And as a result of the superb efforts of Rob Pelletier Construction (RPC) “the eyes of Texas” are now also able to view many hundreds of expertly  installed  Moderco Partitions. For the past 17 years (RPC was incorporated in 1995) RPC have  represented only  Moderco in South & West Texas. RPC is  a diversified sales driven and installation subcontractor specializing in operable partitions (exclusively Moderco), skylights and translucent day-lighting systems. In addition they are able to offer exterior louvers, sun-control systems and folding glass partitions. As a result of this variety of products,  large value supply and install package proposals are available from RPC.

Project References using Moderco Partitions: The McAllen Convention Center in McAllen, Menger Hotel in San Antonio,  Doubletree IAH in Houston, UT Executive Conference Center in Austin, Brazosport Dow Academic Center in Lake Jackson.

Architect References – have specified and approved Moderco: Gensler Architects (Austin & Houston), PBK Architects (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, McAllen), Stantec (Houston, Austin, San Antonio), Kirksey Architects (Houston)  Page Architects (Houston, Austin).

General Contractor References – have purchased & used Moderco Partitions: Teal Construction (DeWayne Lucas 713 465-8306), Brookstone (Andy Richardson 713 683-8800), Drymalla Construction (Rusty Klaus 979 732-5731), Bartlett Cocke,  (Roger Deatrick 210 655-1031), Journeyman Construction (Andrew Waterman 210 384-0700)

Quoting Chuck: “Moderco is a very reliable supplier. They are consistently producing quality partitions in a time frame that meets project schedules. The customer service we receive is great. Moderco is always willing to assist and serve the RPC project team”

Moderco is proud to have RPC represent them in S  & Western Texas. For all your partition needs contact:
Rob Pelletier Construction Inc., 12402 Eastex Freeway, Houston TX, 77039
Office Phone: 866 934-7900 or 281 227-3577,  web site  Moderco Contact: Chuck Vojtech -  cell 832 527-7175,

RPC’s exclusive Moderco territory is Houston, Rio Grande Valley, South Central Texas (Austin/San Antonio), & West Texas.