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Price of operable partitions

In this highly competitive &  uncertain economy with a “throw away” mentality, it is expected that a consumer might  gravitate towards the “lowest price”- the “low bidder”. It is also equally tempting for a manufacturer to work towards becoming the low price leader. To modify their manufacturing methods to ones that are less costly and therefore compromise product quality, especially in the pre-shipping inspection phase. To change raw materials & sources to a lower quality and even modify product design or take advantage of loopholes in required industry testing procedures. These are  all variables designed only to reduce costs in order to produce lower bid prices but of no benefit to the final user. John Glenn, the first US astronaut, summed up the concept best when he purportedly said when asked how he felt about being blasted off into space: ”Excited but it is not comforting knowing that you are sitting on top of a rocket and inside a capsule that were both built by the lowest bidder”


If a company wishes to stand apart it has to focus more on creating value for its customer rather than the opposite. As a result of our preference to create value rather than compromise quality our business & reputation will be forever based on producing the best customer experience possible by offering competitively priced, quality  products delivered on time. This is how we do it:

#1. We know our customers and what they expect from Moderco. We believe that the Architectural community, the interior Designers, Specifiers and General Contractors are our primary customers. They expect nothing less than the best from us as their reputation is on the line when they choose Moderco. We will not let them down.

#2. We will continue to offer time & field proven products and methods to achieve the goals of our primary customers. You will not be a guinea pig if you choose Moderco: example  Signature, our premiere line, has been continuously manufactured along with modifications and improvements for 35 years. In fact the basic Signature design is the most used operable partition system in the world – ever and Moderco is the only source in North America. Should you choose Moderco Signature you know it will work. We acoustically test our partitions in Independent Acoustical laboratories to current  ASTM procedures within industry accepted openings rather than take advantage of “loopholes” in order to acquire a higher STC value. Call us for details.

#3. We strive to be different.. We do those small things that you do not notice or see but make using a Moderco partition your best choice. We put panel locking devices on paired panel systems that make panels easier to move and make moving them safer for the operator. We choose to use ultra-high strength, pre stretched aircraft cable on our electric dividers rather than a chain drive (a chain is only as strong as its weakest link!), we offer both panel protective edge trim as well as fine line trim on Signature,  field removable and replaceable skins on Signature which dramatically decreases downtime if damage occurs etc. Call us and we will be happy to communicate the differences and put value to them.

#4. We sweat the small stuff. We try to create the best experience possible for our customers. To answer questions promptly and accurately. To call you back when or before promised. To follow up if needed. Provide assistance all the way through your Moderco experience. To be the best Operable Partition manufacturer available.

We do not want our partitions to be a commodity item selected simply because we were the lowest priced bidder. We want you to believe that you are receiving value for your investment and at the same time create mutually  positive memories.

Call us at 1 800 363-3150 – Our Sales Hotline!!