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The Holdsworth Center in Houston Texas – Case Study

The Holdsworth Center is a well-known facility where educators meet to learn advanced teaching techniques, individually and in groups. Acoustics, privacy and a comfortable aesthetically pleasing environment is required. The single panel 841 steel panel face in the serving area was factory custom prepared to allow for the field installation of vertical wood brightwork pieces by the millwork craftsmen thus creating a visual focal point for the area. Necessary acoustic qualities were maintained. Acoustic Crystal Glass 242 systems were used to divide classrooms & maintain the desired “openness” of the teaching area. If custom finishes and acoustic glass wall systems are part of your requirements contact Moderco (1.800.363.3150) or RPC.


Product : Moderco Signature 840 & 841 (solid panels). Moderco Crystal 242 (glass panels)

Architect : Lake Flato Architects, San Antonio Texas