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Redefining Space with operable parititions


“SPACE – The Final Frontier”. Maybe on Star Trek but in today’s world, it is “SPACE – The New Frontier”. And Moderco, in many ways, is leading the way.

“Space” these days is a big deal. Social Distancing, stay 6’ or 3m apart, no congregating unless you do this or that, CDC  guidelines etc. now govern and are associated with SPACE. And “space” is really all Architects have to work with: it is an obvious necessity in all aspects of design and therefore how the occupants use it. Covid has changed how architects view space but cannot change the fact that space must be created for human activity. What was once popular is now a hazard. A space that was designed for networking and interpersonal connections is no longer. How offices, schools, places of worship, hospitals & senior living residences are constructed and organized are changing in order to ensure occupant safety and confidence. “Space is being redefined, rethought and redesigned.”


“REDEFINING SPACE”  It is what MODERCO does! We suggest you read the articles listed below. Topics included within the articles are as noted.


Senior Living Residences: 

Privacy is a key element. Cannot close. Lifestyle of residents supported by interior design of space. Many multi-purpose areas. Dining areas. Need for group activities. Let the outside in. Glass walls. Acoustics not significant.

Religious Facilities:

Highly affected by Covid. Rethink traditional floor plans. Need to “congregate”. Socially distanced ways to worship and participate. Creation of versatile multi-use space. Entry and exit.



Must keep students and teachers safe but also provide comfort and interaction within the learning process. Will never return to status-quo. Gensler Architects. Rolling occupancy theory. Maximize space based on varying needs.


Quickly adapt from isolated and privacy to open. Fast reconfiguration. Move fluidly from station to station. Multi-use spaces. Influence of private healthcare in design. Florence Nightingale. Create an environment that supports ever changing tasks. Every part of the space must be adaptable to the ever changing needs.



Before Covid open space was the trend. Companies now rethinking this design. Companies are looking for ways to protect employees but also when necessary allow for interaction. Office floor plans that reflect the new realities. Space has to focus on revenue generating activities. Create a space that supports interaction, communication and helps employees stay tuned into the organisational culture of the company. Individuals must be matched to the companies needs and the office in sync with the team’s requirements. High levels of engagement and productivity.

In keeping with “Redefining Space” Moderco is in the process of building it’s new and very modern manufacturing and corporate head office in a suburb of Montreal (  Our “New Space” will allow us to serve our customers even faster & more efficiently using the most modern methods and equipment available. We will be up and running mid 2022.


Please call us at 1.800.363.3150 if we can assist in any way.